Egan pottery products are the result of a research in the specific field of home and table ware and interpret a contemporary taste whose origins are colour and design.

Unique suggestions originate from the quality of the manufacture and decorations. In any collection the result is a strong character, a definite atmosphere with an easy use of colours tones.

Our Italian master ceramists design and model all Egan products. Each piece is the end result of an ancient method comprising 16 working phases , all of which entirely by hand. Each piece is unique.

The optimization of the moulds and the constant research of new technical solutions are the Italian way and Egan’s contribution to the millennial art of ceramics. A continuous tension towards quality is present in every step of our manual production.

The choice of colours and the attention to detail in the painting process make each piece a small work of art. The landscapes of Le Marche (Italy), our territory, are the first source of inspiration and to respect our environment we choose only eco compatible materials.

The Disney collection features some of the most unforgettable characters, interpreted with ironic lightness and revisited in a lively and amusing way.

To live up to the Egan seal and the guarantee it entails, each product undergoes three separate quality controls. The last of which will take place just before the product is placed inside the precious Egan packaging. The perfect gift is ready.