In 1735, the Marquis Carlo Ginori founds his porcelain manufacture in the town of Doccia, near Florence in Tuscany (Italy). The future of the manifacture is born from its story, a unique and excellent heritage.

The artistic, artisanal and commercial spirit of the Doccia Manufacture was kept alive over the course of the centuries.

From 1923 to 1933 the artistic direction of the Manifattura was entrusted to Gio Ponti. Master is responsible for introducing highly innovative elements with sensitivity and respect for the taste for the ancient, and for the oriental culture. In 1925 at the Universal Exposition in Paris, the Manifattura and its artistic director were awarded with the assignment to both of a Grand Prix.

From 1925 the Manufactory was renewed by relying on the experience of the greatest Italian designers of the time: Franco Albini, Franca Helg, Antonio Piva, Sergio Asti, Achille Castiglioni, Gabriele Devecchi, Candido Fior, Gianfranco Frattini, Angelo Mangiarotti, Enzo Mari and Aldo Rossi.

In 2013, the Manifattura Richard Ginori was acquired by Gucci and the artistic direction entrusted to Alessandro Michele.

In 2016, Richard Ginori went under the direct coordination of the Kering Group, while the creative direction was entrusted to a team of designers formed under the direction of Alessandro Michele during the period in which he held this role.

Today Richard Ginori is an expression of excellence in Italy and in the world in the high artistic manufacture of porcelain, able to combine craftsmanship, creativity and attention to progress.

Tradition and excellent manufacture entwine at the symbol of timeless beauty.