Line of knives made 100% in Italy  in total profile using special alloy of steel composed by Carbon, Vanadium, Molybdenum and Chrome that gives them great hardness, long life of cutting edge and a high degree of corrosion resistance.

Coltelleria Valgobbia, has always been careful in the production of high quality standard items, and has been able to become part of a long tradition in the cutlery sector, with an approach always open to the most modern production technologies.

The Handle is made of PaperStone, a composite material made of fibers obtained from 100% free of resins and cardboard recycled post-consumer; the resins used do not contain phenols from oil and do not emit formaldehyde.

This material has a high resistance to traction, compression, impact and bending, does not absorb water, it has a high heat resistance and can be washed in dishwasher.