NUOVE ESPERIENZE GOBLET in lead-free crystal glass cl 80 for important aged red wines

NUOVE ESPERIENZE GOBLET NE08000 in lead-free crystal glass cl 80 h cm 242 for important aged red wines 2 pieces packaging

Zafferano originated from the Venetian designer's idea of creating an Italian brand to accompany and bring out the best of those talents thanks to which our country has become famous all over the world: design, wine production and fine dining. Likewise, it offers an emotional experience in homes, giving wine lovers and passionate about cuisine and tableware the opportunity to choose and creatively match objects that best suit their personality and their own style of hospitality. The intuition that led Federico de Majo to design the Esperienze collection was that of amplifying the surface area with which the wine comes into contact so as to enhance the process of oxygenation. The ripples at the bottom of the wine glass, an international patent, characterize this collection of tasting glasses.

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