Wine Design



It is an internationally patented system, the first to use microspheres technology for immediate oxygenation of wine and spirits, which makes it the most effective and fastest aerator on the market

Why is it the most effective? What is the secret?
• The use of microspheres increases the contact surface with the wine.
• It triggers a "controlled dynamization“ which brings to an effective oxygenation process • It allows to have a wine “ready to drink”
• It enhances the organoleptic characteristics of both wine and spirits that have been through an aging process.
• It can help with some defects and residuals due to long aging.

Wine Design is a lab of innovative products and ideas for the service of wine. Based in Verona, Italy, it was founded by architect Carlo Benati. Carlo, together with his team develops innovative systems and design solutions for the service of wine. Wine Design develops design solutions for different needs, from the intuition of the idea, to the realization of the design and creation of prototypes, to the final artisanal or industrial realization of each product. Wine Design also manages the intellectual protection, as well as patents of its products.


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