Female Entrepreneurs in F&B: an increasingly moving scenario!

In recent years there has been much talk about how the role of women has evolved in the business world and how many have made their way into leadership roles in world-renowned companies or government institutions. Think about Christine Lagarde, for example, current President of the European Central Bank, or Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors since 2014.

A recent research by the International Business Report shows that, compared to 2019, the role of female CEOs has increased by 5%, also reporting an important figure regarding the elimination of obstacles to gender equality: 78% of international companies is moving to make this parity effective.

debbie wong

Although these numbers are encouraging, we can say that gender gap has not completely disappeared and, indeed, the benchmarks in the workplace still see male gender dominate over female. Furthermore, if we consider the possibility of doing business independently, the situation does not vary that much. Although female entrepreneurs have increased compared to the past, the challenges persist.

But what are the countries where it is easier to do business? The Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs ranking shows that the United States, followed by New Zealand and Canada, are the countries where doing business seems to be easier. Unfortunately, Italy ranks among the last places giving a sad signal of how far things are from how we would like.

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But let's analyze the situation in Hong Kong. In 2019, more than 45% of the entrepreneurial force is in the hands of women. This means that Hong Kong represents a fertile ground for those who want to create something new, test themselves, take risks and, why not, break through. Among the entrepreneurs known in the world of food and beverage stand out names such as Debbie Wong, TV host and producer of some web programs such as Wok and Gong,  Virginia Chan, very known food guide, Stephanie Wong of Roots Eatery, Peggy Chan chef plant based, and our partner Keti Mazzi founder of Certa, a company that brings the best of Italian wines and food to those who are addicted to the huge number of restaurants and bars in Hong Kong. Also Tablo has a new team, almost entirely of women: Carola, Connie, Alessandra and Vanessa in Hong Kong office and Eunjoo in Seul, representing our business in South Korea.


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Speaking of bars, despite what we have always thought, the barwoman's role is on the rise. We think of Nathalie Lau, bar manager of The Old Man, Shelley Tai of Quinary, LZ Zapanta of The Diplomat and, finally, of our countrywoman Valentina Grilli, from Milan, former MAG Café bartender and now bar Manager of FAM at Kowloon Art Park. In short, the world of food and beverage is moving in the right direction confirming what we have always thought of: there are no more or less suitable roles for men and women, but experience, expertise, and merit.

And for the next article, a new interview! Stay tuned !!!

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