A great Production with all the "Made in Italy" characteristics

Gruppo Greggio’s force lies in its great production capacity, technology and know-how. The entire production cycle includes the planning, design, construction of moulds, melting and lamination phases, and polishing of the final product.

In sum, the entire manufacturing phase is carried out within the Group, guaranteeing a high and constant quality level.

Bring your ideas to life

Personalizing articles is an integral part of services offered by Greggio. Engraving a company name, a logo, a brand, a payoff on cutlery or holloware identifies the desire for uniqueness and exclusivity by operators in the sector.

The personalization adds value to the quality of the product and for this reason it must be carried out perfectly, further valorising the perception of the item.

We make exclusive tailor-made projects to create customized objects starting from your creativity and your needs.

We are strategic partner in the lifestyle of luxury. From private residences to 5 stars hotels, high quality silverware and bespoke projects, we offer an unmatched collection of luxury amenities supported by a team of industry experts. Our skilled craftsmen, international expertise and project portfolio make us the only specialized company of its kind for more than 70 years.

We understand how beautiful styling must combine with practical functionality to create the breathtaking finishing touches expected in Royal Residences, luxury resorts, hotels, restaurants, and premier golf clubs.
Our offerings include all the attention and care of the high craftsman- ship typical of Made in Italy production.

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