Because partying should be made simple! Dubla Party Tray combines a plate and a glass holder in a balanced way that leaves one hand free to greet friends, exchange business cards or take unforgettable party pictures.

The tray for people with only 2 hands is:

  • BALANCED- By resting the tray on your palm, the weight of drink and food is distributed more evenly.
  • DURABLE- The tray is made from safe and strong melamine which allows the tray to be light and robust at the same time.
  • VERSATILE- The tray can be used with wine glasses as well as tumblers, plastic cup and even many bowls.

Dubla Party Tray is made of high-grade melamine which is an organic chemical, used for several products, mostly for dinnerware, and it is food safe, dishwasher safe and comes in 6 colors!