Tablo Ltd is the ideal link to Italian homeware companies in the APAC markets creating a successful experience.

We are the representative office in Asia Pacific for a selection of Italian brands, covering the whole range of tableware and kitchenware products:

Glassware: IVV, RCR, Zafferano

Cutlery: Pintinox

Kitchenware: Alessi

Knives: Berti

Silverware: Greggio

Plates: Le Coq Porcelaine, Su Misura

Glass Tables: DiGlass

Napkins: BIT

Vertical farming system: Tomato+

Party Tray: Dubla

We are based in Hong Kong, we manage the distribution networks and coordinate marketing strategies in the region.

We are a dynamic and skilled Italian group with a long expertise in the APAC markets. Our unique and passionate approach assists importers, dealers and professionals in developing their activities by having a careful and thorough understanding of business objectives and goals.

Thanks to our acting role as a representative for our brands and knowledge of local markets, we can provide a wide range of services to the operators such as just in time shipping and customized products for any customer’s need, optimization of communications with manufacturers for faster management of ongoing projects, product development and portfolio selection among the range of our represented brands.

We manage projects through local partners and distributors according to circumstances.

Tablo also works as a design partner for specific projects. We collaborated with Max Mara Hong Kong, Bulgari, Audemars Piguet, and others providing the mood board and the design of private VIP rooms and restaurants.

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