Knowing your planet is a step towards protecting it
(J. Cousteau)

ESG: the three pillars of Sustainability

ESG stands for Environment, Social, and Governance, or the 3 Pillars of sustainability for the European Union: three fundamental factors for verifying, measuring and supporting the sustainability commitment of a company or organization.

What does Tablo do to be more sustainable?

• Tablo differentiates plastic, paper and glass. When we reach a certain quantity, we go to the appropriate collection centres in our area to separate them.

• Tablo transports certified products from Europe to Asia to spread the idea of good practices since most Asian manufacturing companies are non-compliant in terms of recycling and sustainability and compete unfairly.

How to create a sustainable table?

The SUP (Single use plastic) directive has been in force since 14 January 2022, the measure wanted by the European Union to reduce plastic consumption: what does it provide?

• stop at, straws, glasses and food trays: these objects cannot be put on the market if produced with traditional plastic.

• single-use products made of biodegradable and compostable material may be placed on the market, provided they are certified UNI EN 13432 (if they are packaging) or UNI EN 14995 (if they are other plastic products).

What's happening in Hong Kong?

The Hong Kong government has postponed the long-awaited ban on single-use plastic tableware until April 22, 2024. This move would have been essential in reducing the 266 tonnes of disposable plastic tableware that ends up in Hong Kong's landfills every day, of which only about 11% is recycled.

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