IVV: The passion of glass form and color

IVV was founded in 1952 in San Giovanni Valdarno, in the heart of Tuscany, by a group of master glassmakers, whose objective has always been to guarantee a product matching tradition and culture with a creative and constant innovation. IVV is still producing in Italy and mixes a unique, authentic, Italian style, with different textures and optics maintaining the essential artisan quality.

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Pintinox: A brand with strong identity

Pinti Inox offers a variety of complete ranges in classic, modern and fashionable cutlery that make a perfect match with all styles of tableware and go together to create a harmonious ensemble for elegant tabletop.

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ALESSI: An Italian Design Factory Since 1921

Since its establishment in 1921, Alessi has gradually evolved, becoming a leading exponent of the “Factories of Italian design”, capable of mediating between the most interesting expressions of international creativity and the public, society and the market. Its mission is to translate these creative expressions into real objects capable of fulfilling dreams and satisfying the public’s desires.

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Collections are meant to be the perfect background for the most artistic food presentations: this is one of the main traits of the LE COQ assortment for chefs and banqueting professionals.

LE COQ products are highly regarded for the quality of the materials and above all for the innovative designs and
decorations that characterize and distinguish each line.


Since more than 30 years, ROYALE has a leading role beside best chefs worldwide in reaching day by day the excellence and quality standard without comparisons. Their commitment not only results in a constant and passionate research for materials and shapes, but also in the development of a distinctive own concept.

BERTI: A deep knowledge is part of an heritage

Coltellerie Berti has an old family heritage in knife making in the small town of Scarperia, Tuscany. All their products are handmade in Italy.
Craftmanship is the essence of Berti family, which since 1895 has been following the tradition, adapting it to modern techniques and technologies.

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GREGGIO: A great Production with all the "Made in Italy" characteristics

Gruppo Greggio’s force lies in its great production capacity, technology and know-how. The entire production cycle includes the planning, design, construction of moulds, melting and lamination phases, and polishing of the final product. In sum, the entire manufacturing phase is carried out within the Group, guaranteeing a high and constant quality level.

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B.I.T - Best In Table

The essence of Best In Table is to create unique, unconventional, ECO SINGLE USE products.

Routine tends to be very boring and the Charme of a craft product, is completely different.

They perceive eco-sustainability not as a barrier to creativity, but as an opportunity that stimulates them to adopt unprecedented and valuable solutions. Thinking outside the box means offering a personalized project.

Zafferano: Creativity, technology, tradition and Italian design

Zafferano has been creating collections of wine tasting glasses, colored glasses, tableware in glass and porcelain and decorative lighting for interiors since 2001. A world of objects for living spaces designed by Federico de Majo.

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RCR: From the best raw materials to efficient production

The history of RCR Cristalleria Italiana started in 1967 in the heart of Tuscany, when a small group of artisans, thanks to their courage and talent, decided to industrialize the centuries-old art of Tuscan crystal making. From our artisan traditions with an eye always on the future, we developed the world’s fi rst Eco-Crystal, conceived in full respect of the environment.

DiGlass: glass-masters’ craftsmanship for centuries

Founded in 1990 to match the needs of lighting brands who require pure glass for their creations, Di Glass was born out of the desire to create lamps, chandeliers and tables in blown glass, entirely handmade following the traditional production process that has been the pride of the Venetian glass-masters’ craftsmanship for centuries.
This pure effect is created thanks to the various layers of glass that make up the Di-Glass creations and which are typical of the Murano technique
DiGlass project and design are created in-house to establish something new with unique details and materials. Di Glass products are 100% made in Italy and the whole process is carried out by expert craftsmen close to Venice.

DUBLA: Party on your hand

Dubla Party Tray combines a plate and a glass holder in a balanced way that leaves one hand free to greet friends, exchange business cards or take unforgettable party pictures. Because partying should be made simple.

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