Zafferano has been creating collections of wine tasting glasses, colored glasses, tableware in glass and porcelain and decorative lighting for interiors since 2001. A world of objects for living spaces designed by Federico de Majo.

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The passion of glass form and color

ince 1952 IVV breathe in searching for variety in glass form and color, while treasuring essential human values. IVV stands for Industria Vetraria Valdarnese, the glassware industry of the Arno river valley in Tuscany with its heritage as source of inspiration.

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A brand with strong identity

Pinti Inox offers a variety of complete ranges in classic, modern and fashionable cutlery that make a perfect match with all styles of tableware and go together to create a harmonious ensemble for elegant tabletop.

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Beautiful Obsession since 1735

In 1735, the Marquis Carlo Ginori founds his porcelain manufacture in the town of Doccia, near Florence in Tuscany (Italy). The future of the manifacture is born from its story, a unique and excellent heritage.

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A deep knowledge is part of an heritage

Coltelleria Valgobbia has gained specific expertise and technical abilities, during the decades, that have made a well-know company in the production of high quality professional knives, cutting accessories, tableware and gift items.

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A new project as a natural evolution of a long tradition

KNIndustrie is a new brand characterized by passion for design, quality and attention to detail combined with high technology.

The great industrial capacity is put at the service of creativity to give birth to a rich collection of innovative features, sophisticated, in line with the most important tradition of Made in Italy.

A new project as a natural evolution of a long tradition, bold, courageous, eco-sustainable, innovative.

The assumption that the idea of the product KNIndustrie is immediate and obvious: to simplify the user experience of cooking utensils, cooking and presentation of food at the table.

KNIndustrie wants to give the objects that surround us a new key reading. High technology, traditional regional food culture and international attention to the environment represent the directions along which moves the collection.

A rich collection of high quality tools: a nice game that redefines and enhances, without changing the characteristics of each object. Versatile and flexible use products made with carefully selected raw materials, following a philosophy of eco-friendly and worked to get the technology more efficient.

Objects that perform their tasks in a professional manner in preparation of food but become ( after removing the handle) elegant serving pieces when they appear in the table.

Less space is needed and greater functionality, but above all professionalism in the kitchen and elegance to the table.

New entries in the catalogue of KNIndustrie include the tableware collections designed by Piero Lissoni, Davide Oldani and Matteo Thun for SchoenhuberFranchi, the historic brand that has always been a leader in the field of high-end products for hotels and restaurants, that has become part of the same company group.

A selection of products from SchoenhuberFranchi catalogues embodying the same values expressed by KNIndustrie collections - style, elegance and a passion for pushing the boundaries and innovation – will be marketed under the brand name KNIndustrie by SF.

The project intends to develop a new philosophy of table decor, with creations that are rooted in tradition and yet follow eclectic design paths and can meet the demands of customers who express their personality through the objects they surround themselves with, thereby defining and getting across their individual lifestyles.

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Party on your hand

Dubla Party Tray combines a plate and a glass holder in a balanced way that leaves one hand free to greet friends, exchange business cards or take unforgettable party pictures. Because partying should be made simple.

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State of the art in technology and quality

lfredo Montini began producing bespoke cast alluminium kitchenware of high thickness (6-8mm) with avant-garde scratchproof nonstick coatings. His intention is to substitute the old cast iron kitchenware with a lightweight product which is easier to handle, longer lasting, easier to clean and with a better distribution of heat to guarantee a more uniform cooking temperature and help foods retain their natural taste.

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Tablo Ltd is the ideal link to Italian homeware companies in the APAC markets creating a successful experience. We are the representative office in Asia Pacific for a selection of Italian brands, covering the whole range of tableware and kitchenware products.

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