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At Tablo we like to set up some photo sessions to match food, tableware and drinkware.

If you are a chef, bartender, food stylist, influencer or just a food and table setting lover, send us an email to if you want to collaborate!

We can do amazing pictures together!!

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Zafferano: Creativity, technology, tradition and Italian design

Zafferano has been creating collections of wine tasting glasses, colored glasses, tableware in glass and porcelain and decorative lighting for interiors since 2001. A world of objects for living spaces designed by Federico de Majo.

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The passion of glass form and color

ince 1952 IVV breathe in searching for variety in glass form and color, while treasuring essential human values. IVV stands for Industria Vetraria Valdarnese, the glassware industry of the Arno river valley in Tuscany with its heritage as source of inspiration.

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A brand with strong identity

Pinti Inox offers a variety of complete ranges in classic, modern and fashionable cutlery that make a perfect match with all styles of tableware and go together to create a harmonious ensemble for elegant tabletop.

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A deep knowledge is part of an heritage

Coltelleria Valgobbia has gained specific expertise and technical abilities, during the decades, that have made a well-know company in the production of high quality professional knives, cutting accessories, tableware and gift items.

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A great Production with all the "Made in Italy" characteristics

Gruppo Greggio’s force lies in its great production capacity, technology and know-how. The entire production cycle includes the planning, design, construction of moulds, melting and lamination phases, and polishing of the final product. In sum, the entire manufacturing phase is carried out within the Group, guaranteeing a high and constant quality level.

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Party on your hand

Dubla Party Tray combines a plate and a glass holder in a balanced way that leaves one hand free to greet friends, exchange business cards or take unforgettable party pictures. Because partying should be made simple.

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Dolce Vita

There is a place in Central Italy,
where the tradition in the production of ceramics has been handed down for
centuries. Master craftsmen in their workshops have wisely transformed the clay of their land into objects for everyday use, helping to enrich our tables with crockery embellished with their hand-painted decorations. This place has a name: Civita Castellana. It is to pay homage to the tradition of Italian ceramics that Easy Life wishes to add the ‚ÄúDOLCE vita‚ÄĚ range to its
collections, a proposal of plates, dipping, salad & pasta bowls with the aim of enhancing the combination of creativity and typical quality ‚ÄúMade in Italy‚ÄĚ.


This decanter is an internationally patented system, the first to use microspheres technology for immediate oxygenation of wine and spirits, which makes it the most effective and fastest aerator on the market. It is much more than a decanter: it takes wine service to the next level.
It is also a fun tool, a game that excites and enhances the ritual of serving wine and conviviality.

About Tablo

Tablo Ltd is the ideal link to Italian homeware companies in the APAC markets creating a successful experience. We are the representative office in Asia Pacific for a selection of Italian brands, covering the whole range of tableware and kitchenware products.

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"Quattro" by Carmen Kwok

"Quattro" was founded in 2013 by Carmen Kwok who is a dynamic and creative designer with a lot of experience and with a big love for quality, craftsmanship and style. She designed this collection of luxury cushions made with italian and french fabrics to fill your house with style.

"Joy of simplicity, beauty of nature" is her mantra!

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The Italian women's Association

IWA a non-profit organization, registered in Hong Kong since 1996, which operates in the field of charity. The Association welcomes all women interested in our friendship, language, culture and the various activities we offer every month. Through our monthly events, all members are able to meet regularly in a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, IWA also collaborates with various organizations and charities in Hong Kong.

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