IVV was founded in 1952 in San Giovanni Valdarno, in the heart of Tuscany, by a group of master glassmakers, whose objective has always been to guarantee a product matching tradition and culture with a creative and constant innovation. IVV is still producing in Italy and mixes a unique, authentic, Italian style, with different textures and optics maintaining the essential artisan quality. 

Transparency, brilliance, and sound are some of the terms that characterize the high quality of IVV products. This result is achieved by choosing only selected and refined raw materials, which are processed at very high temperatures to eliminate all impurities.

With iconic blown glass products for the table, which have often anticipated trends, IVV has also collaborated with internationally renowned designers. IVV has never given up on expressing its personal creativity, establishing its influence among the European protagonists in the production of hand-blown and handmade glass and taking advantage of the skills of its master glassmakers to enhance the quality of its products: from transparency of its glass to the colour of the glass obtained in the mass (important for the health of users and for durability, both in the home and in catering).

To keep the artisanal component of glass production unchanged, IVV makes research about design, technological evolution, and personal creativity, which have allowed the affirmation of their products at an international level and the creation of objects that constantly reinterpret and renew the space and the table.

This company’s ambition has always been to bring past and future in the present keeping the connection with the territory. San Giovanni Valdarno, near Arezzo, and Tuscany are the birthplace of the brand, and, over the years, they have strongly influenced IVV work as a guide to the production process.

Today the quality of a product cannot exclude the ethical and social responsibility of the producer. We should consider the impact that a product’s entire life cycle may have on the planet. For this reason, IVV focus on guaranteeing attention to other aspects of primary importance, such as:

  • Personal health: all IVV products are certified for food safety and for heat resistance up to 81°C (177° F). Drinking from an IVV glass or eating from a plate from our collections is safe, since the colour is given to the product directly in the glass paste and not through a surface paint, which over time could be released into the food and liquid consumed.
  • Care for the environment: prevention, safety, waste recycling and monitoring are key elements of our production processes to ensure the emissions from our plants are not polluting. IVV glass is strictly free of lead oxides and polluting substances.
  • The health of employees: IVV is a company based on people. For this reason, the health of employees is an absolute and primary necessity, to be protected at all costs. That’s why they don’t use toxic substances which can be essential to obtain certain colours, but dangerous for workers. These products are inextricably linked to a deep responsibility towards people and environment.

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