Tomato+ is the revolutionary indoor greenhouse, which allows you to grow vegetable sprouts, herbs and salads of the highest quality all year round.

Born to respond to the growing search for nutrition based on healthynutrient-rich vegetables, eaten freshly picked and grown with a particularly low environmental impact.

Designed in Italy by Daniele Rossi, CEO of Tomato + Srl, the Tomato + indoor greenhouse it has immediately conquered famous names of restaurants, including numerous Michelin stars everywhere in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Tomato+, depending on the model, includes two or four, individually programmable independent shelves, to guarantee the ideal conditions for the simultaneous growth of plants with different needs. The greenhouse ensures the ideal microclimate for every plant at all times: it recreates the natural cycle of day and night, provides the right amount of water and nutrients and maintains humidity and optimal temperature for their growth. The greenhouse has limited water and energy consumption and it is very easy to install: just plug it in to a standard power supply with no water supply connection required.

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