Royale® has been at the side of the best chefs in the world for more than thirty years in order to pursue excellence and the best quality standards. In this era of technology and industry, dominated by mass-production, we find a culture named “pop”, where objects take on a magical and irrational aspect on the one hand, while they almost immediately exhaust their attraction for those who desire them on the other. Royale® creates actual works of art, whose beauty is timeless. The items are all hand-modelled and decorated in Italy by greatly experienced craftsmen. The uniqueness of each of our objects therefore flanks the uniqueness of each creation by the chef and it is only this striving towards harmony between the plate and the course, the container and the contents, which evokes a sweet emotion when we go to the table, embracing us in a unique sensory experience.

Azioni wants to provoke some unusual emotions through the interaction between plate, object and gestures. The vision of the line can be exemplified in the items Azioni 1 whose idea come from the action of a child that after dinner “licks the plate” spontaneously. 

Rude and tough, sometimes even surly, Vivo collection is characterised by sharp angles; with incredible care every single edge is cut and finished by hand by our master craftsmen. For chefs who love action that with a strong and positive character face everyday life with determination and adventurous spirit. An iconic and distinctive design that sets us apart from other porcelains and the rest of our production. Protagonists of real and pure Italian style!


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