Staycation. New trend or temporary solution?

A few weeks ago, speaking of a famous hotel that is one of our clients, we heard the phrase "they have the best staycation offer of the moment". Staycation? It was the first time we heard this neologism, so we started searching about the meaning of this word and on what lies behind this ingenious invention.

It would literally mean "staying at home on vacation" but not in a sad and depressing sense as it might seem at first glance. Years ago you may have had some family or economic issues that forced you to face the long summer in your city. Once, before tourism arrived almost everywhere, Summertime was usually boring. Restaurants were almost empty, all activities postponed to September and we found ourselves hanging around the streets of the city center in search of refreshment, or more simply a beer.


rosewood hotel

Photo credits: The Rosewood hotel, Hong Kong 

In Milan, for example, except for a few bars on the Navigli where the relentless mosquitoes pounced on our bare legs making a real feast, we had very few things to do.

Today is different. Mass tourism and the spread of low cost airlines that, with a contained expense, are able to take us anywhere, made us think that every place is close and reachable in a short time. And now? In Europe, slowly, traveling within the Schengen area will be allowed. What about Asia? Italians in Hong Kong cannot reach neither the beloved peninsula, nor other tropical paradises or exotic destinations. That’s why we have to find something to do. Here comes the staycation solution.


The Murray

Photo credits: thanks to @krissicristina, photo by @mushroom_photop

 Poldina the Murray

The Murray Hotel

Many luxury hotels, struggling with the tourism crisis of this period, have invented an all inclusive package for residents which often includes a night, a relaxing day at the spa and, sometimes, some lunch or dinner in the restaurants of the hotel. Of course, there are packages that include facilities and activities for children in order to please young and old.

In addition, for those who prefer the home dimension with a touch of luxury, they can book an entire beach house in Shek O or Lantau and enjoy the sunset together with friends while sipping a glass of wine. In short, many valid alternatives that, with a little imagination, will help us having that holiday mood that we miss so much this year.


the lighthouse sai kung

Photo credits: airbnb 

Without any other alternatives therefore, we will also try this to feel, at least once, guests in our home. And for those who have been following us for long time and love our products, don't forget to take a look at the plates, glasses and lights... See you next time!

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