Add a seat at the table, there is a new friend!

This was the title and opening theme of the well-known theatre performance that made its debut in Rome in the 70s. Following this theme, we decided, despite the stall, to expand our knowledge, to create synergies with the intent to lay the foundations for a series of cross branding activities and events with other partners that make Made in Italy their strong point.

It is with this positive energy that we met, almost by chance, Keti Mazzi, born in Arezzo but citizen of the world and ambassador, through Certa which she founded, of some excellent Italian food and wines.

mannaggia li pescetti

Like us, also Certa aim is to spread to the Asian market, what Italy has to offer in terms of quality and, above all, the whole process that lies behind the conception and creation of a product. We are Italian storytellers.

For this reason we have decided to join forces and outline a common strategy to promote our products: luxury tableware mixed with the excellence of food and beverage.


And so yesterday, under the sun on a muggy Sunday at the end of the month, we took part in Certa photo shooting, supplying some of our top products from Zafferano, Pinti and IVV. It was fun to combine our experiences and the personal touch of each of us with a professional photographic set whose results were shared on social media and generated a lot of traffic and positive feedback.

 perle tumbler

This is the right spirit with which we want to face this second part of the year, leaving Covid, worries and anxieties behind. With the positivity and optimism that distinguishes us, together with this new partner, we will go on trying to instill hope in anyone who, in this period, had lost a little. Today more than ever we must be united and make communities, help each other and spread the "brand" Italy in Asia and elsewhere in the world. Let's go further !!!

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