RCR Crystal was born in 1967 in the heart of Tuscany from an idea of a group of artisans who, with courage and talent, expressed the highest level of glass art.

Through this page we hope to be able to convey all the passion with which we live every day, the values that make this company unique in the world, the love for quality and respect for the environment.

All products are made of superior sound glass, a material of the highest quality, designed with full respect for the environment.
The fusion process is totally electric to limit the emission of fumes into the atmosphere. The production site is located in the Carbon Neutral area of the Province of Siena and has no chimneys, giving life to 100% recyclable products.

Today RCR Crystal stands out in offering table furnishings, tasting, home furnishings and mixology, mixing tradition with a fervent activity of innovation, design and research, aiming to satisfy those who use our products in all consumption opportunities.

Choosing RCR Crystal means focusing on Made in Italy quality, with the awareness of having done good for yourself and the environment around us.

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