An Icon: Settecento by Pintinox

The essential design of Settecento allows itself only the whim of the decoration along the perimeter of the handle. A formal choice that makes eighteenth-century cutlery classic and modern at the same time. For those who do not want to give up the flavour of history and combine them with contemporary taste.

You can get Settecento in different finishings:

  • The Stone Washed: the aim is to offer quality cutlery to the customers willing to create a retro atmosphere when laying their tables. This cutlery has been stone washed to create a vintage effect on the stainless steel, intentionally creating a finish with a non-uniform appearance; each piece is therefore unique. All our knives have been resharpened after the Stone Wash process to ensure the usual high-quality standard.

  • TxT: Art Déco or textile effect? Thanks to high tech and high precision technologies we enrich our Stone Washed cutlery with refined and unique laser decorations for modern, fashionable and sophisticated mise-en-place. Besides with the daily use the texture will turn into different shades of colour; each piece is therefore unique.

Note for maintenance:  In order to enhance even further the texture designed by the laser, we added to TxT collection the elegance and retro look of the hollow handle knives. The hollow handle knives have the unique advantage of being composed of blade and handle made of two different stainless-steel alloys, both capable of giving the finished product its salient features. The blade is made of forged and tempered high carbon content stainless steel, so to ensure excellent resistance, flexibility and durability of the cutting edge. The handle is made of 18/10 stainless steel, with the best corrosion resistance. These knives have a bigger handle, more rounded, but at the same time lighter. They therefore have a perfect balance in your hand. The hollow handle knives are stylish and extremely comfortable.

The knives take as usual little bit of extra care and attention to remain beautiful. We suggest to:

- Always rinse the knives after use to remove food but never leave them to soak too long.

- Wash the knives in the dishwasher in a separate basket to avoid contact with other cutlery or metal objects.

- Remember to open the dishwasher door immediately after the cycle is completed and dry the knives with care.

- Do not use detersives containing Chlorine, Chlorides, and acid solution which could provoke corrosion, but neutral cleanser only. If you follow these simple advice you will enjoy your TxT knives for many years to come.

  • ALCHIMIQUE is a precious PVD coating made in 3 different special colors for an astonish Stone Washed Cutlery Collection. Gold, jewellery on the table. Bronze, pure metal. Titanium, power and style. 

Don't forget Pintinox can also make silver plating on request! Silver plating process for cutlery is based on 50 years of experience and state-of art technology. The basic material is stainless steel 18/10 to which a 10-micron layer of silver is applied by galvanisation. The parts most exposed to wear, such as the tips and resting points are given a double layer to guarantee long-lasting plating. Thick plate silverware can’t be washed in the dishwasher.

Which is your favourite? 


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