The distributors series: meet Radiance!

After the huge success of "meet the chef", "the best of youth" and "design matters", we thought of another series of interviews with some key figures who are often behind the scenes in our work but are equally important when we conclude a deal: we are talking about our loyal distributors.
In China we find Radiance, in Thailand Sri Thai, in Malaysia China Pottery, in South Korea Daejin and so on.

Let's start with Radiance in Shanghai, an all-female company founded by Shirley and Greece who have been collaborating with us since the beginning of the business and mainly deal with the distribution of the retail network in China. IVV is the first brand they distributed, contributing to making it one of the most prestigious Made in Italy brands, leading star of the tables of Michelin starred restaurants and houses with an elegant and classic taste.
Subsequently they also embraced Pintinox, Le Coq, Greggio, Berti and the others, setting up all exhibition booths with taste and with that woman's touch that we like so much (editor's note: Tablo also has an almost entirely pink team).

Let's get deep into the interview to know Shirley and Greece, their history and their plans for the future.

Hi ladies, how is Radiance born? How did you meet? What's your background before founding Radiance?

It is a wonderful story about the birth of Radiance and our encounter. Actually, we have worked together for 8 years in WMF China from 2006. Both of our founders have a deep industry background. After experiencing some career twists and turns, we decided to join hands to establish Radiance, hoping to bring consumers a new home experience.


How did China change regarding tableware trends? Is there a new tableware concept coming in these years?

Speaking of the changes in the trend of Chinese tableware, there are indeed many new concepts emerging in recent years. As consumers' pursuit of quality of life continues to improve, the design, materials and functions of tableware have changed greatly. Environmental protection, health and personalization have become new consumer trends.


IVV glasses at Hotelex 2023

How did retail and hospitality change after Covid19? (eg. Have you noticed people spend more on their tableware/houseware or dining out nowadays or before Covid?)

As for the impact of Covid19 on the retail and catering industries, it is indeed very far-reaching. During the epidemic, people paid more attention to family life and healthy eating, so the frequency of dining at home increased, and the demand for tableware and household items also increased accordingly. At the same time, the frequency of dining out decreased, but it also made people have higher requirements for the dining environment and service quality.

It cannot be denied that the epidemic has had a profound impact on the consumption habits of Chinese consumers, and the overall consumption capacity has declined.

How about being two women in this industry? Do you think it is more difficult for women to run a company? How to combine your family life with your work (work life balance)?

As two women starting a business in this industry, we did not find it particularly difficult. Of course, we also have our own unique advantages and challenges, such as paying more attention to details and emotional communication. What’s more, as the main users of decoration brands are women, we have a better sense and judgment when choosing products. As for how to balance family and work, this is a process that requires continuous learning and adjustment, which is the same as work. We will try to arrange our time reasonably so that both work and life can be fully satisfied. For example, when we stay with family, but while there is an urgent matter, we will truthfully tell the child that we need to work now.

Note: during Covid time, we used to have videocalls with Radiance while Shanghai was experiencing the lockdown, and we can still remember Shirley and Greece's children smiling and say hello to us. A sweet memory which managed, in that moment, to relieve such a bad time.

Shirley and Greece in Milan during Host 2023


What's the most exciting feature of your job? 

The most exciting thing for us at work is to see our customers love and recognize our products. Whenever we hear customers praise our design or quality, we feel very happy and satisfied.

Shanghai Hotelex 2024 - the table setting by Radiance


Is there a special project, a hotel or restaurant, you have a special memory of? (something luxury or unique)

As for special projects or hotel and restaurant memories, we have to mention our first project: Biyun Hotel Apartment Project. This was the first profitable project of Radiance in its early days. As a new company, we passed through layers of screening and became a supplier of Biyun Group. We signed a long-term cooperation agreement. Now we are still providing products and services to them. The 10-years cooperation has been recognized and affirmed by them.

"Scena di Angelo" in Shanghai with Le Coq porcelain and Zafferano glasses


Is there a secret wish you have?

As for future wishes, we hope that Radiance can become a leading brand in the home furnishing industry and bring more high-quality and personalized products to consumers. Thus, we can bring more Italian or European culture and lifestyle to Chinese consumers. Radiance can become a bridge to spread European culture.


How do you see yourselves in 10 years?

In ten years, we hope to see Radiance become a more mature and stable company with a wider customer base and richer product lines.

Ten years later, we hope that Radiance will be known and trusted by more users. Personally, I hope that new successors will emerge.

We hope to meet Radiance soon and... stay tuned for more!


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