Coronavirus: the world of Italian restaurant business responds to the appeal!

In these days it seems impossible not to talk about Coronavirus and the devastating effects that our community is facing day after day. The economic crisis has repercussions on many businesses which, in recent months, are likely to close or drastically decrease their business, including catering, restaurants and hospitality.

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But let's take a closer look at how some of the most famous chefs are facing this emergency.

A few days ago, the Webathon was held in Piedmont, a web marathon with the aim of raising funds to support hospitals, healthcare personnel and purchase new devices and machinery necessary in therapies against Corona Virus. This initiative paved the way for the Alba International White Truffle Fair which decided to launch a fundraiser by directly addressing the big names in the kitchen. And this is how wonderful videos of guided recipes have started circulating on the Youtube and Instagram channels of the most famous chefs. The first to be "named" was Davide Palluda who, after posting the video recipe of his tarte tatin, "appointed" his colleagues Massimo Camia from La Morra, Martino Ruggieri, former chef of the Pavillon Ledoyen in Paris, and Matteo Baronetto del Cambio from Turin. For cooking enthusiasts, therefore, you just have to stay online to learn important tips and improve day by day!

Our partner, Diego Toscani (@toscanidiego), co-founder of Chefs for life (@chefsforlifeofficial), an event that wants to become movement which involves all the positive energy of food in order to turn it into solidarity, is also posting some recipes through the web. For example, the famous chef @iglescorelli shared the saffron risotto with crispy culatello and many other traditional Italian recipes.

chef for life


In addition to virtual recipes, other initiatives were born. The Cerea brothers, in addition to offering three types of delivery menu to meet the needs of all palates (from fish to meat lovers and vegetarians), will manage the canteen of the hospital at Bergamo Fair. The starred chef Chicco Cerea, in fact, will dedicate himself to the care of the kitchen and to provide meals to doctors and nurses engaged in the fight against Coronavirus. The hospital will have 230 beds that will start operating in the week.

In Caserta, however, the famous pizza chef Franco Pepe will bake pizza for clochards.

Even the well-known starred chef, Carlo Cracco, after closing his restaurants due to the Government ordinance, decided to cook for the workers dedicated to the construction of intensive care units.

Claudio Sadler, on the other hand, gives advice on how to shop once a week in a reasoned and healthy way. The keyword, in this case, is programming. Oh yes, because, to avoid unnecessary waste, you need to take a few minutes and create a weekly menu. Another tip concerns the kind of menu. For example, go-ahead for stews, lasagna and soups that can be easily frozen. You can also use seasonal fruit and vegetables such as turnip greens but pay attention to how they are preserved. They will have to remain in the refrigerator, inside the supermarket biodegradable bags, so that oxygen does not accelerate the product alteration process. For meat and fish, on the other hand, it’s better to portion them using a vacuum or, alternatively, the foil or the baking paper.

In short, even the catering community has mobilized to bring its experience to the service of the community and make this period of forced quarantine easier and more pleasant because, we have to keep in mind that, in the end everything will be fine.


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