Social life in Italy during Covid-19

“There’s no place like home," said Judy Garland in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" and, in these days, we can say the same.

The emergency situation due to COVID-19 in Italy has forced everyone to discover a new home dimension, intimacy, the family fireside. But, what happens when, after spending your entire life trying to socialize by going out with friends, you find yourself forced home?

For many years we have underestimated the pleasure of our home dimension, of cooking, of trying the recipes our grandma left us in that notebook with yellowed pages that each of us kept in the hope, one day or another, of having time to consult it. Well, that day has arrived.

The kitchen is the center of this modern revolution. It is the place where creativity takes shape, where you improvise chefs and, wearing an apron, you dive into a world made of spices, ingredients, perfumes and, in the end, it works professionally as in the best restaurants.


But you would say, what about social life? If this emergency had happened fifteen or twenty years ago, it certainly would have had a much tougher impact. At that time there were neither social networks, nor cutting-edge mobile phones with unlimited internet and we should have used the landline phone to talk to friends or relatives. Today, in the digital era, we can feel, see and chat as if we were really close. In fact, these days, many have improvised youtubers, sharing recipes or tutorials on how to "dress" the table, on the importance of pairing a wine with the right glass and so on. In addition, thanks to some new apps, today we can organize "remote aperitifs" for a maximum of ten people in order not to lose the sense of community that we love so much and to continue expanding our circle of friends.

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We have rediscovered the pleasure of working from home and being perhaps, even more productive. Therefore, while waiting for this period to end and return to the freedom to choose where to dine, travel and enjoy the warmth of affections, we will have to be conscious and #stayhome. After all... there’s no place like home!


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