… Easter what you want

In Italy we know, we like to talk using proverbs and saying or, for the more educated, to cite the infamous Latin, ancestor of the language that everyone, some more and some less, can speak in the "Bel Paese". One of the most used proverbs is undoubtedly "Christmas with the yours, Easter what you want" because, of course, the traditional Italian family cannot give up the lavish lunch on December 25, allowing the survivors of the great binge to spend Easter with friends and colleagues.
Last year has led us to reconsider these nice traditions and to reinterpret them to be compliant with the anti Covid measures, social distancing and you name it. And here we are, then, a year later to tackle the age-old question of the holiday, how and where to celebrate and, above all, what to cook.
As lunch time approaches, we will retrace some of the typical Italian recipes that cannot be missing on our tables on Easter day. Are you ready?



So let's start with the traditional Colomba, the typical Easter cake covered with sugar and almonds, often accompanied by mascarpone cream for those who don't want to miss anything. Immediately after, we find the famous chocolate egg whose history has very ancient roots. In Christianity it symbolizes the resurrection of Jesus from the tomb and, although the tradition of the classic chocolate egg is recent, the gift of real eggs decorated with any type of design or dedication has been associated with Easter since the Middle Ages. Another regional dessert that has managed to consolidate its fame in Asia is the Neapolitan Pastiera, a grain and sheep ricotta tart that we find on the tables of every Neapolitan family.



And for those who don't like sweets? No problem because we have other delicacies to share with you. First of our personal list we still find a typical dish of the Neapolitan tradition: casatiello, the famous donut stuffed with cheese and salami and decorated with eggs .. a delicacy that requires some experience in preparation but you will find deliciuos. This is followed by the Ligurian pasqualina cake filled with eggs, vegetables and cheese. We always say that, like Bolognese lasagne and other typical oven cooked recipes, it is tastier the day after, which also makes it an "Easter Monday dish", the day of outdoor grill by definition. Moving a little further north, but not much, we find the Roman Easter lamb cooked in the oven with potatoes .. an Easter dish we can now find throughout the year in the Roman trattorias of Trastevere or Testaccio [editor's note: Trastevere and Testaccio are well-known Roman neighborhoods where you can find the best taverns].


And now, with all these delicacies, how can we leave out the table setting?
Green light, therefore, to the classic mise en place without neglecting the color that will be, for this occasion, in pastel shades: yellow, pink and blue dominate the scene, accompanying classic white dishes or, for those who want to dare a little, the mix and match that we like so much and that Ginori offers us with the "Oriente Italiano" or, why not, "Neptune's Journey" ranges.



If we want to use "important" dishes, we can combine them with a precious cutlery such as Ellade (which the lucky ones found on the tables of Osteria Gucci in Florence), a classic Audrey or an Settecento Stone washed with a shabby chic flavor ... all with Pinti signature. Same goes for glass; we will have a handcrafted Ultralight glass for white and/or red wine for a sophisticated table setting and a simpler one like Nuove Esperienze for a more casual table. At the center of the table, for those who like to dare, in addition to colored or retro patterned jugs by IVV, there will always be the wonderful "Eggs" collection by Ginori

At Tablo, we are always ready to welcome you in our showroom with many proposals and offers to embellish your tables with a touch of Italian class and a little story telling about our products because in the end every object, however small, hides a great story.



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