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As every year we find ourselves close to May 1st, the date on which we celebrate work and employees. But what do we really know about the origin of this celebration? And how has the perception of work changed in recent years?

Labor Day has its roots in the U.S. Industrial Revolution when the 8-hour work law was passed in Chicago on May 1, 1866. Gradually, the rule extended to other states, but on May 1, 1886, the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions launched a major strike to convince governments to grant this right to all American territory. In Chicago, during the strike, the police shot at the protesters, killing two of them. After this event, the workers organized a demonstration that ended with a massacre.


In Italy, the news of Chicago massacre provoked the rebellion of Livorno citizens who railed against the American ships docked in the port. Thus began a long workers' and trade union battle which, only in 1923, led to the recognition of the law on 8 working hours.

may 1st

But how did May 1 change in recent years? The evolution of society and habits brought to multiple transformations, countless conquests. Despite everything, in some parts of the world, we are still very far from the idea of a safe job, with well-defined rights and appropriate wages. Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go.

And what about this year? How do you look forward to May 1, 2020? Due to the sad world situation caused by the spread of Coronavirus, May 1 can be an opportunity to reflect and share ideas to start again. The great Live Concert will move to TV and social networks and we will discuss about a great and ever-current topic promoted by the unions: safety at work.

In short, we will try, as we Italians always do, to transform a difficult present, in a moment of growth, construction and positivity, instilling confidence in a fast recovery for those who have lost their jobs or are in difficulty.

Happy May 1st everyone!

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