During this long week end the sun showed itself and revealed us all the beauty of spring. Spring is the period of pastel colors, of happiness, of rebirth and, above all, of the great blooms.

In Italy we would have seen peonies bloom, the petunias that fall from the balconies, the roses and all the colors that make this period unique.

But how can we bring spring to our tables? How will flowers be best used on our table?

spring table

Before choosing the floral arrangements, the shape of the table and its size must be carefully evaluated, as well as the type of event. For example, if the table is narrow and rectangular, choose a single small bouquet to be placed in the center. The choice of colors will also be important, to be combined with the tablecloth or serving dishes and glasses.

To create a colorful and cheerful atmosphere, choose maxi flowers to be placed on a green base, such as beautiful open peonies in shades of pink or white, very popular in this period. Your table will look like a chromotherapy painting.

A chic and sophisticated table requires few and very sweet flowers that will become protagonists of the scene. Place them in multiple glass vases of different heights and enjoy the contrasting transparencies.

flower vase

To create a French-style atmosphere, we suggest lace, macramé and lilac flowers for a romantic table with a Provencal flavor. A lace table runner adorned with small glass jars containing micro bouquets of delicate lilac flowers can be used on the table for a unique shabby chic table.

lilac vase

In short, many ideas to make our table always perfect but also cheerful and fun for receiving guests

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