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Dogale is the perfect marriage of two timeless and luxurious materials: glass and silver, creating one of a kind gift items and decorative pieces. Objects signed by Dogale do not oxidize because they are protected by a special paint, and do not need particular maintenance. Every single piece is different from another. Unique and unrepeatable becau se it is representative of an absolutely handcrafted process. Captivating nuances, peculiar shapes, particular attention in finishes, these collections are based upon the traditions of ancient venetian glass making art with distinctly lumine scent colours.


The use of silver lining to reshape forms. A new project where decoration becomes the new starting point, a way to reshape form and ideas creating Puro, the new Dogale collection. Here the designer reinterprets objects using silver coating as a new decorative language. This contemporary design that comes from a mix of different materials, creates a precious and trendy collection. Reclaiming traditional materials and forms, these creations regain everyday use characterized by an informal preciousness. Silverplating and satin- finishing are handmade. For the care and preservation of these articles is recommended to wash them with warm water using not aggressive detergents. Dry immediately after washing with a non-abrasive cloth. Do not wash in the dishwasher

All DOGALE products are entirely made in Italy. Each item is packaged in its own box with a warranty card that certifies the origin and the high quality of our products. Items may present different gradations of nuances of colours, that are exclusively due to hand painting. Slight imperfections in colour spread have to be considered as added value and sign of uniqueness and not as defect.




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