ICONS: Anthiros by Le Coq Porcelaine



Le Coq Porcelaine by ILSA has unique designs and shapes and the research for high quality materials are aimed at obtaining both high performance and unparalleled aesthetic features for the Ho.Re.Ca. and banqueting world.

Unique collections that enchant with timeless elegance creating classy and prestigious atmospheres, leaving an unforgettable impression on every guest.

Bright floral, vintage designs convey a touch of liveliness and elegance to this porcelain collection.

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This collection is made of PORCELAIN Porcelain is considered the finest among the ceramic materials, characterized by high resistance and hardness. Porcelain is fired twice and through the second phase of firing the temperature reaches more than 1.300° C (2.370° F). This range comes in different colors: 


White with gold rim


White with green rim and flowers

White and tyrian purple

White and blue

White and green


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