Italian Tableware: the Missing Part in Hong Kong Hospitality

Hong Kong. The vibrant, hectic melting pot in the heart of Asia keeps its records: more than 65 million visitors in 2018 with a constant +11,4% economic growth. And it does not seem to stop.

Hospitality business is not far behind: with tenths of new restaurants keeping opening their doors every month, the latest jewel in town is the hyper luxurious Rosewood Hotel on Victoria Dockside – arts and design retail district. A majestic 65-storey building offering 322 guest rooms and 91 suites on the fascinating Victoria Harbour: something not even feasible for many of our European countries!

Not to mention the St. Regis in Wanchai, where Michelin starred Chefs run the newly opened contemporary French and signature Chinese restaurants of such iconic hotel.  112 rooms welcome the most demanding clients who could now get spoiled and enjoy special treats thanks to the 24-hours e-butler service.

The offer of posh and pamper boasts uncountable further options in terms of food & beverage, gorgeous hospitality and unforgettable restaurants.

And how do Italians influence such great container of new ideas, concepts and lifestyle opportunities? We must admit that the offer of food and beverage is pretty wide and it is possible to enjoy tasteful fine dining while delighting exclusive wines, as well as tasting casual Panini at almost every corner of the city. Wines and distillates struggle with Australian, South-American and French competitors, but overall the Italian FnB sector is well settled.

What is quite disappointing, though, it’s the total lack of tableware, cookware and kitchenware related to Italian brands. Just a few companies are effectively represented with success in town through a handful of players, but it looks like Italian companies can’t see the real potential and powerful business of Hong Kong.

Yet, the Italian economy is not showing an impressive growth, not the European one. The recent meetings with Chinese Prime Minister Xi look like the umpteenth effort to open Italian eyes on an unreachable world. Far East is much closer than this. Politics or great economy are not needed to make Italian companies grow. Opportunities, high demand and market needs are already visible and clear. Entrepreneurship, aim at innovation and open-minded business plans are the key-words to enter such market. The demand is already here. Made in Italy is still synonym of something beautiful and admirable. Something Asian people are ready to spend a fortune for. And the lack of well represented Italian companies for tableware slows down and decreases the proper value of the whole Italian offer – both as food as well as beverage are concerned.

How come Italian companies of tableware are still so skeptical and fearful to invest in this area? Market saturation in EU and US should make obvious the reasons why to open and penetrate Hong Kong and APAC countries. Investment power and purchase potential of Hong Kong hospitality is a resource nobody should snub.

Nevertheless a drop in the ocean is TablO Ltd: the innovative exclusive hub of luxury Italian brands for tableware and home décor. In spite of the long expertise and professionalism of its team, just a few companies are committed with it in such challenging project throughout Asia.

Hopefully more to come in the next few months…!





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