Let there be light. And there was light

Since ancient times, light has played its leading role in fairy tales, stories, idioms in which, without it, there seemed to be no life. The birth of every concept, idea or of a person's life itself, if we think about it intensely, is frequently expressed with the expression "come to light". In the eighteenth century, "the age of enlightenment" meant the period in which the mind of man was enlightened by culture and reason, sweeping away ignorance and superstition of the time.
But let's temporarily put aside these romantic-historical concepts linked to the past to discover how light, even today, has not abandoned our daily life inside and outside our home.

Those who follow us every week without missing a beat, will remember that a few weeks ago, at the very beginning of last month, we treated the autumn topic not without a hint of melancholy: the days get shorter, the temperatures drop and we are perpetually wrapped from a sense of sadness for the holidays now gone (for those who made them!) and for the two months that still separate us from Christmas. The "lighting" factor, in this delicate phase of the year, is very important. Not only we do try to fully enjoy the day but also in the evening, once we get home after a long day in the office, we would like to rediscover that warmth, that feeling of relaxation that we like so much. And then here comes the design that promptly offers us countless solutions to have a "day" effect or, simply, a beautiful and functional thing to look at.

In this period, due to Covid, many restaurants and bars, taking advantage of the closing period, have opted for the renewal of the look, introducing interesting furniture elements among which, of course, we find the lamps.

Thanks to the genius of Federico de Majo, Zafferano, one of our flagship brands, has created a collection of truly special lamps starting with Poldina, the wireless lamp that recharges with a USB socket and that you can insert both in a home environment than in a garden or terrace, up to Zafferano Bespoke Lightings, a line with an elegant and colorful design that can be used - why not - in different ways. But let's get up close to some interesting lines that you have certainly noticed in our Instagram stories. 

You might have seen “Poldina adventures” videos where, thanks to the collaboration of Politecnico di Milano, one of the best University in Italy, Zafferano shows the multiple use of Poldina, Sister Light and others. In fact, you can find Poldina and other lamps in many famous bars and restaurants around the world like Cipriani in New York City, Caffe’ Quadri San Marco square in Venice and, obviously, The Murray Hotel in Hong Kong, Common Ground at K11 e much more! 

Casa Maria Luigia, Modena

Recently, for sure, you have seen “liquid light”, a mouth-blown “container of light” vase hand-crafted with the typical decorative techniques of Murano. In this case we can use it both as a vase, in fact, and as a table lamp which, thanks to its colors, gives that touch of glamor to every room.

luce liquida

In the meeting room we find Baloon, a suspension lamp with a Murano glass diffuser that is hand-blown and handmade as well. The metal structure and fabric cables make it a modular object designed for both a kitchen and an elegant living room.




 Romeo and Juliet
Bonnie and Clyde


Last but not least and because we Italians are romantics by nature, we will talk about "Bonnie and Clyde" and "Romeo and Juliet". Like the famous couples who named them, these pendant lamps are meant to be together, close to each other or, why not, creating a mix and match like we did in our showroom

Zafferano lamps

In short, as you can see, there is no reason to be saddened by the arrival of winter, the incessant rains or the advent of "short" days. Light can be easily created, and with it, the warmth of a home, a family or a meeting place like a restaurant or a lounge bar. From our side you will always find that warmth and also some great advice on how to create the right environment for you! See you next time and .... if you are interested in the collections, do not hesitate to contact us.

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