Meeting Umberto Bombana at Tablo Store


"Why then, what the hell is happiness ..?"
("Otto e mezzo" F. Fellini)

In these days we have reflected a lot on communication, on its importance as a cornerstone of a business success. We social media addicted, as well as insiders, always tend to analyze the trends and results of the content we publish. We do that to hit the target, to attract the reader and to make them become attached to us in an almost familiar, intimate and personal way.

For this reason we decided to bring our readers into the kitchen, let them savor the mood you breathe, let them know the story of those who create a dish, a recipe, a work of art, thus giving a human connotation to each dish that is presented.


After the success of the interview with Antimo Maria Merone, 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana's executive chef in Macau, we decided that every month we will publish an interview with a chef. Regarding this, today we had the honor of hosting him, Umberto Bombana, the only one who obtained three Michelin stars far from the Belpaese.

Umberto arrives in our showroom together with Keti, our partner and founder of Certa, and Roland Schuller, the new Octavium chef, who returns to Hong Kong after an experience in Bangkok.

Umberto Bombana

On this very hot June afternoon, the sky changes at a surreal speed, alternating a bright, almost fake light with moments of shadow, typical of a day that is about to end. It is the beginning of summer in South East Asia, a usually rainy and humid summer that, this year, brings with it the melancholy of not being able to travel, not being able to go home for those like us who have their roots in Italy. And this is how, in the blink of an eye, the distance feels like a deafening noise and our memory runs back in time to the memories of those places and flavors that have characterized our childhood.

These are the moments in which we seek "that cuddle", the feeling of affection and belonging typical of Italian restaurants. When you enter 8½ Otto e Mezzo Bombana, in fact, you immediately have the impression of finding the best and feeling at home in an elegant and welcoming environment at the same time.

For truffle lovers, Bombana is known for being its King. His cuisine is a constant tribute to Italian culture and traditions, now so far and unreachable, incorporating important elements of tradition, style and history.

oro di doccia

Umberto, Roland and Keti, after selecting some pieces by Richard Ginori, greet us with the promise that we will collaborate, together with Certa, for our events; so, as always, I leave you with the usual #staytuned and #followus.

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