Towards Christmas

And here we are, December has arrived and, like every year, we are struggling with budgets, projects and "new resolutions" to better face the new year which, without a doubt, will be better than this! We gave up any hope of returning to Italy and we are going to organize a different, unique Christmas here, in a place where we are not used to live in this period but, like it or not, will host and offer us, at least, the warmth of the dry and sunny season of Hong Kong. Despite the distance and Covid, we will be able to set up the typical Italian table with panettone, prosecco and regional delicacies. We will watch "Trading Places" the night before Christmas, listen to Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble's music and have fun unwrapping gifts on the morning of the 25th. In short, you can remove an Italian from Italy , but Italy cannot be removed from an Italian. Precisely for this reason, you are all invited to our family sales which will be held on 4, 5 and 18 and 19 December from 10 to 20. It will be a special occasion to buy a Christmas gift for your best friends who, maybe, during a moment of particular despair and melancholy, this year supported and endured you. It will also be the right time to think about how to set up your Christmas table for your first "Christmas in Hong Kong" which seems the title of a new Vanzina Brothers' Christmas movie [editor's note: every year in Italy we have this kind of typical Christmas movie in cinemas].

The Bunny Jar from IVV

And, speaking of table settings, did you watch our live? Yes, because last week Christian, the new entry in our sales team, explained how the table should be prepared for an elegant occasion and, also, also for a more casual occasion. Together with Christian there was Alice Ferretto, Grissini restaurant manager, who helped us in the selection of Ginori by creating a mix and match with yellow and green shades using the Oriente Italiano and combining the Ultralight by Zafferano and a classic "Audrey" cutlery by Pinti .

Our elegant table setting with Oriente Italiano by Ginori, Zafferano Ultralight glasses and Pinti cutlery

Despite the initial shyness, it went well. Another special collaboration that paid off was with Valentina Grilli, bar manager of FAM, of the Lighthouse group. Together with Valentina, we have promoted some Ultralight glasses by Zafferano, some pieces by IVV including Bunny and Biglie tumbler for Whiskey and cognac and the fantastic Martini glass by Greggio, entirely in silver! In short, everything you have seen is on sale during these promotional days! Our wish, therefore, is to see you all and our recommendation is only one: spread the voice with your friends, colleagues and relatives! #staysafe #stayhome

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