When a 3 stars chef and a well-known Italian luxury brand meet: Osteria Gucci in Florence

Maybe not everyone knows Jovanotti, a well-known Italian singer, who sang "I think positive" in the 90s (check the video). In these days, in fact, we should literally follow his advice in order to ferry our tired mind to the happy thought of summer, to the holidays and to the carefree that we have forgotten for too long. And this is the reason why we will tell you about a magical place, where elegance and creativity merge with the culinary tradition, creating an irresistible combination: Osteria Gucci.

richard ginor cheese plate

In Florence, in the shadow of the majestic Palazzo Vecchio and inside the Gucci Garden which houses of the designer brand museum, we find this restaurant where Italian tradition blends with the passion for the typical flavors of distant and exotic places. Massimo Bottura, in fact, studies a menu inspired by his travels. This particular menu celebrates Florence, the center of cultural exchanges, especially during the Renaissance Age. This is how dishes like Taka Buns are born, buns cooked with the Chinese technique but stuffed with pork and spicy sauce.

richard ginori plate

Of course, the choice of interiors is also accurate: from the pistachio-colored boiserie to the original coats of arms of what was once the Medieval Arts Court, up to the Pinti cutlery "Ellade Silver" collection and the wonderful Richard Ginori porcelains, embellished with the "Herbarium" motif, a Toile de Jouy of cherry branches, flowers and leaves that recall the decorations of vintage fabrics. The atmosphere is also cozy and intimate, thanks to the presence of only 35 seats.

osteria gucci tables

A further note of credit goes to the philanthropic aim of the Gucci Garden project which will donate half of the entrance ticket to restoration projects in the City of Florence.

Unfortunately, you have to wait a few weeks to be able to breathe the scents and savor Massimo Bottura's creations; in fact the restaurant, as you can imagine after the Covid-19 spread, is temporarily closed. The wait will make this experience even more unique.

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