An Icon: Diamante collection by IVV


We all know and love IVV and its history, the classic nature of an elegant but, at the same time, innovative table with lines that adapt to both a contemporary and a more traditional design.

One of the iconic lines, appreciated throughout the hospitality panorama is 'Diamante', a collection that embraces every type of plate, tray, salad bowl and so on and so forth, for a chic mise-en-place and harmonious.

There is therefore space for bowls of various sizes for the single salad portion or for the shared salad, for the appetizers and the main courses, the cake stand with its dome for the creations of the most renowned pastry chefs.

But what makes our Diamante so special? Produced in clear and decorated glass, the texture of each piece seems to shine with its own light... hence the name "diamante" (diamond)!

Someone said that diamonds are forever, and we can say that this collection, produced in Italy in the Tuscan countryside, will also continue to last on your tables for good!

Diamante plate at Bombana restaurant in Shanghai

The best truffle in HK at Otto e 1/2 Bombana on a Diamante plate and its dome.

Check IVV catalogue HERE!

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