'Bonum vinum laetificat cor hominis'

(good wine fills your heart with joy)
from The Holy Bible


In the previous article we praised social media and their usefulness for an online business in a period like the one we are experiencing. In fact, in this strange, as well as unique, historical moment, social networks are the means by which we can keep in touch with those who are far away, inform ourselves and keep up with new trends while sitting comfortably on our sofa.
Do you remember the famous virtual guided tours of museums and cities? Thanks to technology, those who have never visited Venice, for example, will now be able to enter its narrow streets and savor, in a slightly different way, the magic of a unique and timeless city. Traveling, really or with our mind, gives us that sense of freedom, satisfies our thirst for knowledge and curiosity towards other cultures, customs and, of course, culinary traditions.

Zafferano on the beach

But how can technology and digitalization help us on our table? We have already talked about how social media can help us as a means of sharing recipes and advice on how to shop wisely and without waste or to set the perfect table for a home event. Therefore, today, we will talk about another element that cannot be missing on our tables: wine, the undisputed protagonist of convivial dinners and banquets but also of relaxing aperitifs by the sea.
Those who love Bacchus's nectar, as the ancient Romans called it, are struck by the magic of the production process, by the influence of the climate, soil, sea, air and all those factors that, on paper, may seem less important, but which, in reality, are precisely the ingredients of a great wine.
Italians and French have hundreds of years of winemaking tradition even if, surprisingly, Federvini (Italian Federation of Industrialists Exporters and Importers of Wine) reports that in 2017 China, with 13.7 million tons, was the first producer in the world of grapes (19% of world production), followed by Italy, the United States and France. This is confirmed by the report on the state of world vitiviniculture prepared by Oiv, the International Organization of Vine and Wine and presented in recent days in Punta del Este. As regards production, however, in 2018 Italy (48.5 million hectoliters) confirmed its position as the world's leading producer, followed by France and Spain.

Grissini wine cellar

Wine, for many of us, is a real passion; for some, even a vocation so much that they decide to turn it into a job. Statistics tell us, in fact, that the number of sommeliers is increasing by 15 percent, especially among young people aged between 18 and 35. This indicates a tendency to prefer a quality product to the classic cocktail. And the much loved wine tasting? In this period, as we know, many events have been canceled due to the Covid emergency but, again thanks to social media and technology, we learn about some initiatives to be able to do an online guided tasting in the company of an expert who will explain every feature, from food-wine pairing to choosing the right glass.
In fact, every time we choose to open a bottle, we need some precautions. This is why, for every type of wine, there is the right glass.

wine glasses


For example, a white and a red will need different glasses. If, for a fresh white we will use the "tulip", for a more full-bodied one we will choose the classic white glass with a wider belly. Another story for the reds that usually need larger glasses. We will therefore have the "balloon" for a young or medium-bodied wine, a "burgundy" for the more structured reds while the "grand baloon", the glass with a large belly, is suitable for full-bodied and aged red wines ; its generous shape, in fact, conveys towards the nose the aromas that are released in the most rounded part.

wine infographic


And for those who can't give up dessert at the end of a meal, there will be a glass suitable for them too. We will therefore use the CUP for aromatic and sweet sparkling wines, the SMALL TULIP, suitable for sweet wines and for late harvests and, finally, the SAUTERNE, a new conception glass, suitable for wines with mold due to the width of the glass it allows the exaltation of the aromas, while the high belly gives balance to the wine itself.
If you are passionate about wine, do not hesitate to contact us! Not only will we help you choose from a huge range of products but, as promised, we will come back soon with our live shows and some surprises! #staysafe #drinkwine

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