Social media marketing fighting social distancing!

Today, sipping coffee in the morning, we think back to our chat with Igles Corelli who, for a brief moment, takes us back to Rome, strolling through the streets of Testaccio. The scent of the taverns stuns us while a warm Italian sun warms our heads and our hearts: are we dreaming? Suddenly we are awakened abruptly by a news: Hong Kong will strengthen anti-Covid measures from tomorrow. As teenagers struggling with a non-polite alarm clock, we are quickly sent back to our sad reality, not without a grumble of disapproval.

roma trastevere testaccio


Yeah, because unfortunately from tomorrow we will have to adapt to a new register, harder, more rigid and which prevents us, among other things, from coming together in more than two people. We say goodbye, or at least "see you soon", to lunches, off-site business meetings, super desired shootings with starred chefs and wine and Italian food tastings served on elegant porcelain dishes with fairytale colors. All our wishes should, for a while, be placed in the drawer together with the grandmother's lace tablecloth. This does not mean, however, that we must give up, that we have lost our battle and that there are no other ways to reach new customers, enter their homes and let them know our mood, our philosophy and, of course, our products.


Ginori photoshooting

And it is here that communication, the web and social media are transformed into powerful allies who, endowed with countless and compelling stratagems, allow us to move forward in our business. We have therefore developed a series of strategies to be able to reach you, make crossbranding and promote ourselves on the web. But how, you would say!?
Among our partnerships, we also have the Italian Women's Association with which we are reaching some important milestones. First of all, it must be said that those who buy on our website from August 1st will be able to choose whether to help IWA simply by placing a tick on the appropriate box. In the meantime, IWA will help us promote the fantastic Valgobbia trolley. Basically, through some short videos we will demonstrate that those who are skilled in cooking, cannot survive without a strong botticino marble top, thin blades for filleting fish, solid handles and, of course, chopping boards in hygienic and eco-friendly paperstone. What else?

Valgobbia trolley

But that's not all! What is the first word that comes to your mind when you think about social media? For those who live in symbiosis with mobile phones or work in digital communication, the answer is simple and for us it is "influencer". In fact, through some collaborations with important personalities from the world of food and beverage and TV (which we still don't want to reveal to keep you on tap), we will try to promote our products on youtube and IGTV.


photo shooting food

Furthermore, staying home for lunch and dinner, is the best opportunity to renew the dinner service or buy that so much desired and elegant centerpiece that, perhaps, you have not yet decided to buy because you are always out for dinner! This could also be an opportunity to combine an elegant mouth-blown glass with that Chianti red wine you tried during a romantic Italian holiday in Tuscany. Today, compared to a few years ago, everything is possible!
Ultimately, even on this occasion, we must try to see the "half full glass" and be happy that this crisis and everything related to it, has happened in a historical period in which technology is increasingly within reach for all and it is the means that, if used with cunning and creativity, will allow us to go ahead and obtain excellent results.

half full glass

Waiting to be able to show off all our organizational skills and our attitude to multi tasking for events we have been thinking about for months, we will be close to you in a virtual way. After all, let's think about it, what would be this period without the possibilit, offered by technology, of being able to see and chat with relatives and friends on video even if they are thousands of kilometers away?
Stay safe, stay home ... and make shopping online!

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