Clean the ocean with Le Coq Porcelaine

In this era of burgeoning environmental crisis, ILSA firmly believes that it is more important than ever to take action against the pollution of our oceans. That is why the company has decided to renew the Thalassios for the Ocean' project and strengthen its commitment to Ogyre! The ocean is not just an element of nature, but a fundamental part of our very existence. It is the beating heart of our planet, and its balance is essential for life on Earth.

This time in addition to the Brazilian coasts, together with the fishermen of Ogyre, the marine waste collection operations have been extended to the coasts of Indonesia! With the renewal of this project, the company sets a new ambitious goal: to collect 2000 plastic bottles per month, which is equivalent to 24,000 bottles in one year.

Through the following link: Ogyre Community the company invites you to follow the project closely. You can now monitor the impact in real time via an impact counter, a tool that will provide you with up-to-date data on how much marine litter we have recovered at any given time. Also, you can explore the activity map that tracks in which exact location ILSA is working with Ogyre's fishing communities!

This fishing for litter campaign was presented for the first time in 2023 with the launch of Thalassios collection, a tableware line specially designed to symbolise the company’s proud commitment to caring for the environment. In 2023 the project engaged the Ogyre fleet to recover 175 kg of plastic from the Atlantic Ocean, equivalent to 17.500 water bottles!

What is Ogyre?

Ogyre is the first B Corp start-up to have developed a fishing for litter platform, a practice that aims to clean up marine litter with the help of fishermen.

How does a fishing for litter campaign work?

Ogyre connects organisations such as ILSA that want to protect the sea with the fishermen involved in the project. The fishermen work by collecting rubbish while carrying out their usual fishing activities in Italy, Brazil and Indonesia. Once on land, they unload the waste, which is then weighed, analysed and categorised. Before handing it over to the organisation in charge of disposal, the waste is stored on a digital platform. In this way, those who decide to support Ogyre’s mission can monitor their contribution to cleaning the ocean.

Which are the real and tangible benefits of the project?

  • Taking action to protect the sea and reduce the amount of man-made waste
  • Encouraging the concept of “responsible consumption and production”: waste collected by fishermen is disposed of properly and, when possible, recycled and used by Ogyre to make new products that can be purchased by those who want to contribute to cleaning the ocean.
  • Supporting fishermen by directly supporting their fishing activities, thus acting directly towards the promotion of ‘decent work and economic growth’ of local communities.

What about ILSA company and Le Coq Porcelaine?

Le Coq Porcelaine’s project comes to reality in 2019, when the brand is acquired by ILSA s.r.l.; from here the company embarks on a new itinerary of designing and developing high performance products intended for the Ho.Re.Ca. and banqueting world. The brand was created during the 80’s in Florence, the beating heart of the Italian culture, cradle of the Renaissance and one of the most exquisite art cities in the world. The acquisition of the brand comes as more than a business takeover: it set off the union of two realities.

On one side the Tuscan artistic genius (embodied in the resourcefulness and vitality of the brand Le Coq Porcelaine) on the other the Piedmontese reliability and entrepreneurial attitude (represented by Ilsa). Collections meant to be the perfect background for the most artistic food presentations: this is one of the main traits of the Le Coq Porcelaine assortment for chefs and banqueting professionals.

Check the catalogue HERE!

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