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A talk with Marta Sansoni!
Today we will talk about IVV, acronym of Industria Vetraria Valdarnese, founded in San Giovanni Valdarno, in the heart of Tuscany, by a group of glass masters in 1952. Since then the production has remained in Italy and many objects are still handmade by glassmakers artisans as you can see here
This year IVV has given a more contemporary, minimalist and trendy cut, as it is also defined on their website, giving life to the Design Collection, demonstrating to keep up with the times and renewing some simple objects that we use every day in the kitchen, introducing innovative and modern lines. Here we find not only original design objects, but a real journey through the reinterpretation of nature, fairy tales and reality. Some pieces represent an imaginative journey that we can find in Island or a path to the memories of a distant childhood as you can guess for Bunny or Pinolio that remind us so much of the White Rabbit from "Alice in Wonderland" and the famous wooden puppet. But let's see the opening words of this interesting, as well as romantic, collection conceived by two Italian designers: Marta Sansoni and Alessandra Baldereschi.
marta sansoni
Marta, what does design represent for you? Have you always wanted to do this job?
Yes, let's say I have always been looking for ideas, since adolescence, with a precise and evolving path up to naturally orient myself towards the design of objects or concepts. It is a real passion, almost an obsession.

IVV, over the years it has been renewed a lot in recent years from a design point of view. How did the collaboration with IVV born?
This collaboration was born through the involvement of the new art director, Ilaria Becciolini, with whom I have been collaborating for several years. The curious aspect is that for some time, after having worked for years with steel, ceramics, resin and wood, I wanted to compare myself with glass and, in particular, borosilicate glass, having undergone the fascination with its lightness.
As for the Design collection, was there a basic idea or did you range with imagination?
The initial suggestions, especially for the types of objects, were communicated to me by the company and the art director. Later I freed my imagination both on the formal aspect of the projects and on new types such as Overlays which contains more functions in a single object: a bread holder centerpiece that has the necessary space for flowers

It is usually said that when you look for inspiration for an artistic idea or even just to reflect, you get lost in nature, in silence and inspiration comes from there. What is your bond with nature?

The bond with nature has always been very strong for me. The shapes of nature, the beauty of branches, intertwining, shoots have always touched my soul and many of my projects are inspired by it such as Tralcio Muto, Oliette, Fior d'Olio, Cactus for Alessi or Pasqua cruet for Ivv !
Some objects like Bunny or Pinolio are reminiscent of a fantastic,¬†dreamy world. We are reminded of the chair with bunny ears that we can find in the house of the White Rabbit in Disney's ‚ÄúAlice in Wonderland‚ÄĚ. What inspired you for Bunny and Pinolio?
For Bunny and Pinolio, in fact, the reference to a rabbit and Pinocchio is direct and has to do with irony, the playfulness that in my projects alternates with the poetic reference of the element of nature. For me, the object must always communicate something: joy, irony or poetry ... or both!
Other creations such as Peony and Overlays are designed to bring food to our tables accompanied by flowers that cheer up and make a well-set table more elegant. How important is the floral element on a table?
The Floral Presence, represented even by just a stem or some rarefied vine stuck in a small vase or in a "test tube" is indispensable for me and significantly participates in the poetics of the project. Both in Peony, in Overlays, in "A" but also in Easter which was created to be used as a cruet but which is also perfect for use as a flower vase, the floral presence completes the project and underlines its charm.
Previously we talked about Borosilicate and its characteristics. Is there a material you prefer?
Surely borosilicate glass is in my mood for the sublime aesthetics it manifests. However, I more or less love to approach all materials because each of them allows very different and intriguing scenarios and techniques, full of inspirations.
cake stand
Is there an object in the kitchen that, in your opinion, has always been "snubbed" and that should be revisited by an innovative design?
Difficult to answer this question. We are always on the hunt for types to be proposed again with new approaches and it is increasingly difficult to find them. Everything has been done but for me nothing has been snubbed.
Speaking of the Asian market, which lines / patterns or objects do you think are the most popular in Asia?
It seems to me that all object design proposals are fine. The world is increasingly connected and characterized by exchanges and osmosis, cultural, intellectual, social. No limits or preconceptions.

One last question: what is the most revolutionary object in terms of design in recent years?
I-phone! And, in general, all objects that have a new technology such as LEDs and rechargable batteries, so.. not so much about the shape but on the technology which, of course, also drags the shape.

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