Fall has come!

“From some romantic play
September morning
Still can make me feel that way”
(N. Diamond)


September has arrived and autumn is knocking on our doors like every year. The days begin to shorten; the dazzling light typical of summer leaves us for that melancholy light that lasts, at least for who is writing you, until November when, with a flicker of vitality, we wake up from torpor and the Christmas mood begins, with a crescendo, to take possession of us and then officially abandon us only after the Epiphany.
Our houses are dressed in different colors, with warmer and more welcoming tones and our tables give way to typical autumn dishes. No more salads, cold pasta with shrimps and cherry tomatoes, but green light for roasts, chestnuts and Mantuan pumpkins roasted in front of fireplaces and swing music ... ok, maybe it's too much!

autumn table

In any case, it is not clear why but autumn is that transitional season that accompanies us silently, which gives us time to recover from the summer holidays but, at the same time, ferries us towards Christmas, the most popular holiday for Italians.
It is the season of renovation, of changing wardrobes and, why not, also for buying new objects for the house. To renew the table, symbol of the close family by definition, you just need new personalized placemats, colored plates will be enough to ignite the desire to be together and, again, multipurpose table centers with both seasonal flowers and, at the same time, the much loved bread. With the arrival of cold and bad weather, what better idea than a new set of multicolored cups and glasses to drink tea or herbal tea?

poldina PRO

And for furnishing accessories lovers, don't forget that colors are fundamental. Trendy autumn inspirations range from terracotta, through shades of brown, to burgundy and sage green. We therefore aim to create the right effect also through the lights, warm and possibly with red and orange colors.

perle tumbler

In short, brilliant and simple ideas to prepare us for the season that the Americans call "fall" in honor of the yellowed leaves that fall down from the trees, creating natural carpets in ocher yellow and brown colors.
If you love autumn and you follow us every week, you know that from now on, until the end of the year, we will keep you warm with interesting and romantic articles about the history of our products: from the idea to the realization of the object that arrives on our tables and cheers our banquets. And again, what is the story of our brands and their designers? We will find out together this autumn! 




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