Happy newS year!

Midnight has struck a few weeks ago and the new year has finally arrived, bringing with it, like all its predecessors, hundreds of expectations, hopes and desires.
How many times have we found ourselves observing the sky in the (vain) hope that it was that of another country. How many times have we greeted by email the colleague of the foreign branch in the hope of meeting her/him soon and, again, we are still two strangers.
We hoped that it was the year in which, finally, we would be able to move, organize fairs and meet new potential clients and instead, immediately after the stroke of midnight, punctual as a Swiss clock, the "Press Release" that orders the closure of restaurants, bars and other categories after 6pm. Living in such a situation, we can only get used to this fake "new normal".


Socially we are getting used to change, to leave (and not by choice but for surviving) the comfort zone or, in general, everything we were used to.
Although in an environment we are stuck in, our small company has grown a lot and not only in terms of numbers, but also on a personal level. The synergies that have been created in recent months have led to the development of fundamental strategies and relationships for what will happen this year.
Someone once said that we are only given a little spark of madness and… woe to lose it! And it is precisely following this trail that we have decided to literally throw our heart (but perhaps we should say our courage) over the obstacle and open our own store.

Next spring, therefore, we will see a new flower bloom within PMQ. It will be a space where the protagonists are the table and the kitchen; a space where Made in Italy and Hong Kong heritage will merge, a meeting point for chefs and retail customers where everyone can share opinions, recipes and experiences. Using a football metaphor, everyone in our team will be a striker so that the name "Tablo" becomes more and more a real brand with its own coordinated image for store and showroom.

And while the team continues its evolution, as well as the portfolio of our brands, we are preparing to welcome the year of the tiger.
According to Chinese astrology, the Year of the Rat 2020 would have brought great upheavals and the Year of the Ox 2021 would have given patience and strength, two typical characteristics of the sign of the Ox, to face the consequences of the previous one. Well, knowing how the last two years have gone, what awaits us in the year of the Tiger?

The Tiger embodies strength, courage and impulsiveness. It is an indomitable and impetuous animal, two traits that can predict a year full of "twists and turns". The Water element will certainly mitigate the Tiger's character, but it will give months of ups and downs for all the signs.
Hoping that the highs are more than the lows, we wish you a prosperous new year as we look forward to meeting us at PMQ for the opening of the store!


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