Moving to a new concept store!

In recent days, having increased significantly the traffic of our e-commerce and keeping on welcoming a growing number of walk-in customers, we have decided to redesign the concept of our showroom.
You will certainly have noticed, in recent years, the changes in many retail stores. Innovation is not only in the spaces but in the fact that the focus is no longer the product but the user. The direction is to create a shopping experience. When you personally go to a shop, perhaps on the weekend or at the end of a hard day's work, you do that because you are looking for that experience: touch an item with your hand, compare it with another and see it on a table setting, are experiences that create a positive energy which is part of the "taking care of yourself" concept.
Many of you may have noticed how some brands have renovated their stores by inserting a refreshment corner, a bar or a reading point where the customer can relax and savor "that" mood. These brands have not just renewed the physical concept of a store but, also introducing small tastings, have involved taste and smell. This is how the Americans developed the trend of creating pop-up or permanent stores that combine the functions of a gourmet bar with those of a typical shop. In this way, the user will not purchase to fill a need but to take home a feeling and the memory of that specific experience.

showroom before



tablo showroom wan chai

After (the meeting room)

And this is how we want to set the mood of our shop! We would like it to be a place for meeting, for dialogue and for telling the story of what we sell. Our desire is to be the storyteller and bring the customer deep into the story, the process and the idea that gave birth to a glass, a vase or a pattern drawn by hand on the ceramic.

Ginori Oriente italiano
For this reason we have made some changes in the setting of the space, moving the large central table that hosted a wonderful mise en place by Richard Ginori, into the meeting room and leaving more space for the customers who are coming to visit us.

To match the needs of our HoReCa customers, we created a corner of the high-end buffet with Pinti, Greggio and all the white Ginori which is very appreciated and famous among chefs because it is one of the most beautiful whites that can be found in starred restaurants.
The moving of the table and the division between Horeca and retail has allowed us to display the 'ready to go' product more effectively!
Furthermore, as soon as Covid is a distant memory, we will start to organize events, tastings and olfactory experiences using, of course, our products and with the support of our partners operating in the world of food and beverage supply. While waiting for this, we are looking forward to meeting you in the renovated store in Wan Chai for a coffee (espresso of course!) and a biscuit!

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