Social relaxing. What will happen now?

Last week, after several weeks of measures aimed at containing the spread of the virus, the Government announced the reopening of beauty salons, restaurants and bars until 9pm (but only for two people tables). Finally, therefore, we will begin to breathe a different air, and not only for those who will no longer be forced to wear a face mask during physical activity.
We will therefore try again to think about events and keep ourselves ready for the moment when Covid goes on vacation or disappears forever.
But what has changed with the advent of Coronavirus in Asia and in the world? What is the wealth of experiences, news and discoveries that this pandemic has taught us?
The first word that comes to mind is "elasticity", whether it is mental flexibility, or what italians call"ars arrangiandi" and that is what we talk about when we have to adapt, go our own way even when the latter becomes bumpy and full of obstacles. Covid has taught us that nothing can (or should) stop us and that we can manage - and why not - be successful, even when the main road is blocked.
Covid has shown us that working from home can make us more productive and that we can all slow down. It will only be necessary to get used to it.

work from home

We learned we can stay home enjoying family time, cooking, refurbish the glassware, dust off the plate and modernize the tableware without the anxiety of choosing a different restaurant every night.
The second word we associate with this period is "patience". Yes, patience in waiting for the right moment, the reopening of the business, restaurants, gyms. Waiting for the right moment to implement a strategy, organize an event or promote a product.
But what awaits us now? What will be the steps to be taken to return to normal? Although restaurant income fell by 26% compared to last year in the same period, let's take a look at an encouraging figure: despite the difficult time, many food and beverage entrepreneurs have still chosen to open new restaurants. This means that investors still intend to bet on Hong Kong. And the others? Many have taken advantage of the situation to develop new recipes, test innovative menus in order to be prepared and renewed for the reopening. This gives us hope for everything related to the HoReCa business.

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Specifically, this period was an incubator for a number of projects for
hospitality and we are not just talking about the countless initiatives to increase cleaning standards, including contactless services for guests and new hygiene technologies, which is very reassuring. We are talking about important investments in the field of luxury hotels. Yes, because insiders predict that we will soon return to travel and those who have not been able to set foot outside their country, will start doing it again in style, booking in the best hotels, and not just staycation week ends.

As for the bars, on the other hand, those that possess the food license, offer both lunch sets and take away drinks so that those used to pre-dinner aperitifs can still enjoy a cocktail at home in front of a good movie. We have changed our old habits to the situation but we have not given up the pleasure of cooking and traditional food.

Matrioska shaker
Therefore, start your engines, get ready for the near future, start thinking about new travels and goals and, in the meantime, if you can't live without a good cocktail or a glass of wine after a long day at the office, I recommend that you take a look to our drinkware section!!

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