Zafferano rebranding: what's new?!

It happens that sometimes, after a few decades of history and some important milestones, many companies decide to change their corporate identity a little and go into rebranding. It happened a few months ago to the historical Richard Ginori and now, 20 years after its foundation, to Zafferano.

But let's see together what will happen specifically.


New logo


From Zafferano


There you go a letter from Federico de Majo that presents and illustrates the new Corporate Identity for Zafferano: an important rebranding action, part of the activities with which Zafferano celebrates its twentieth anniversary, that conveys an updated image of the current corporate status.
The concepts of heritage, solidity, curiosity - which guide Zafferano every day - are expressed in the new corporate logo, that contains elements of continuity and evolution, and is flanked by three declinations representing each brand division: Zafferano TablewareZafferano Lampes-à-porter, and the new Zafferano AiLati Lights that brings together the previous AiLati and Zafferano Bespoke brands.


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Ultralight goblet - credits by @forkwithadrian


Twenty years ago, I founded Zafferano with the desire to create housewares and lighting fixtures, enabling people to decorate and personalize their living spaces with pieces that embody the functionality and aesthetics of Italian design. In these two intense decades, the brand has grown to a solid and recognizable firm, that urged us to redesign the brand. A rebranding is a complex, articulated and delicate process that we carried out nonetheless, as we believe that the company deserved a more representative image of its values, its objectives and its current identity. I wanted the new logo to express the concepts of heritage, solidity and curiosity that inspire and guide our work. To convey continuity with our roots, we maintained the Pantone 199C red colour, a shade of vermilion which is a historical element of recognition and recalls the hue that is considered the rarest and most precious colour in Murano glassworks. However, we opted for a rounder, bolder, stronger font to express the layered, yet clear, concreteness of the company; while we feel that the lowercase could transfer a sense of approachability and friendliness. To add uniqueness to the brand, we have redesigned some elements - such as the "ff", a figurative element that is the symbol for "Fast Forward" and - in musical terms - means “fortissimo”, "with great strength". its shape recalls the prow of a Gondola, echoing the look and character of Venice, and a periscope that gazes the horizon: it's a kind of visual alliteration indicating progress and movement. All these attributes belong to my design sensibilities and represent a strong design statement that matches Zafferano's image and brand -- distinctive and with a personality. The new Zafferano logo is now flanked by three declinations, to identify the three brand divisions: Zafferano Tableware, known for its coloured tableware, Zafferano Lampes-à-porter, a wide and differentiated range of portable and rechargeable lamps, and the new Zafferano AiLati Lights division, which now consists brings of the lighting products of both AiLati and Zafferano Bespoke, under one brand. We will replace the previous logo with the new one; subsequently, all the elements of the corporate identity will be updated and redesigned if necessary, with the aim of giving the company a renewed and recognizable look that inspires trust and establishes immediate emotional contact with our audience. We are convinced that the new image of Zafferano will deliver, among other things, greater homogeneity and clarity of our communication, which will also benefit the quality of our products and service.


Federico de Majo



Zafferano lamps at Cipriani Downtown NY


To check Zafferano video, click HERE!

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